We only sell 100% agave tequila & mezcal.


The core of the agave plant, known as the "pina" is the main ingredient of, and the only major similarity between, tequila and mezcal. The production process, as you're about to learn, is quite different.  Tequila is made through steaming the agave in industrial type ovens, and then double or even triple-distilling the result in copper pots. Mezcal, however takes an old-school approach and is actually cooked in lava rock-lined earthen pits that are then filled with wood and charcoal, that when burned is where that great smokiness most often associated with mezcal comes from.  After all this, it is distilled in clay pots. Of course, there are more modern mezcal makers, but most artisanal mezcal makers keep the traditional method alive.

Both spirits are distilled in oak barrels:

Anejo ~ Aged 1 to 3 years

Reposado ~ Aged 2 to 12 months

Blanco ~ Aged 2 months or less